Appearance & Characteristics:
A vortex is a very strange and mysterious phenomena. They usually take on the appearance of a swirling funnel shape when moving about. They can also appear in pictures as being long and narrow and having a tread like design within their body. They are readily confused with a speeding orb when they slow down and take on this straight & narrow look. It's not presently known if a vortex has ever been captured on video tape. It should be noted that they are often felt as a cold spot.

Locations spotted:
They are most often spotted inside homes & old buildings. At times they can also be spotted outdoors but that is very rare.

There are many theories as to what vortices are exactly, including a visiting relative or a former resident of the home. It is also believed by some that it is a vehicle to transport spirits in the shape of orbs from their realm to ours.

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