UK Reported Crop Circles 2005

The following are the reported crop circles from the UK in 2005.

Nr. Cherhill -21/08/05 (Wiltshire )
Hexagonal shapes linked by laid pathways.

East Field (3) -21/08/05 (Wiltshire )
Winged beetle design

Marden (2) -20/08/05 (Wiltshire )
Large interference pattern around central laid area.

Meopham Station (2)-20/08/05 (Kent)
Overlapping rings and circles.
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Weston Turville-15/08/05 (Buckinghamshire)
Laid circle.
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Woolstone Hill -13/08/05 (Oxfordshire )
Large complex design with intricate square pattern and
central star contained within a circle.

Bluebell Hill (2)-12/08/05 (Kent)
Series of rings and circles.
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Lancing -09/08/05 (West Sussex )
Ringed circle.

Shalbourne -9/08/05 (Wiltshire )
Circular interference pattern.

Waylands Smithy -9/08/05 (Oxfordshire )
Large circular design comprising many complex
elements within the centre similar to the Silbury Hill
formation of last year.

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