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Welcome to our U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) database. We at Para Is Normal believe that no stone should be left unturned, nor should any anomolus sighting be left unrecorded. When you have been in the field of paranormal investigation as long as I have, you quickly learn that all things are connected in some way. That is why I have included a UFO section on our site. Now that having been said, putting together a sit such as this is never easy. So much information to find, and post here, that it is far too much for one person. So I have brought on a new person to help out. Soulsearcher99 will now be incharge of our UFO section. He is a friend of 18 years, and a fellow investigator. I am sure he can approach this matter from a profecional and unbias possition, while maintaining the integrity of the sight, and an open mind. So lets bare with him as he ventures forth in his mission to bring you comprehensive and compelling Ufological information, and learn the wiki syntax to make these pages. Welcome to the team, Soulsearcher99, good luck to you!

UFO Shapes

UFO Sightings

Alien Encounters

Alien Abductions

USO Phenomenon

Crop Circles

Aliens in Ancient Cultures

Famous UFO Stories

Most of our information will be coming from other sites and sources. Credit, as always, will be given to the original source.

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