Nostradamus Almanac Of 1562

Season of winter, good spring, sound, bad summer,
Pernicious autumn, dry, wheat rare:
Of wine enough, bad eyes, deeds, molested,
War, mutiny, seditious waste.

The hidden desire for the good will succeed,
Religion, peace, love and concord:
The nuptial song will not be completely in accord,
The high ones, who are low, and high, put to the rope.

For the Shaven Ones the Chief will not reach the end,
Edicts changed, the secret ones set at large:
Great One found dead, less of faith, low standing,
Dissimulated, shuddering, wounded in the boar’s lair.

Moved by Lion, near Lion he will undermine,
Taken, captive, pacified by a woman:
He will not hold as well as they will waver,
Placed unpassed, to oust the soul from rage.

From Lion he will come to arouse to move,
Vain discovery against infinite people:
Known by none the evil for the duty,
In the kitchen found dead and finished.

Nothing in accord, worse and more severe trouble,
As it was, land and sea to quieten:
All arrested, it will not be worth a double,
The iniquitous one will speak, Counsel of annihilation.

Portentous deed, horrible and incredible,
Typhoon will make the wicked ones move:
Those who then afterwards supported by the cable,
And the greater part exiled on the fields.

Right put on the throne come into France from the sky,
The whole world pacified by Virtue:
Much blood to scatter, sooner change to come,
By the birds, and by fire, and not by vers.

The colored ones, the Sacred malcontents,
Then suddenly through the happy Androgynes:
Of the great part to see, the time not come,
Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

They will be returned to their full power,
Conjoined at one point of the accord, not in accord:
All defied, more promised to the Shaven Ones,
Several amongst them outflanked in a band.

For the legate of terrestrial and dawn,
The great Cape will accommodate himself to all:
Tacit LORRAINE, to be listening,
He whose advice they will not want to agree with.

The enemy wind will impede the troop,
For the greatest one advance put in difficulty:
Wine with poison will be put in the cup,
To pass the great gun without horse-power.

Through crystal the enterprise is broken,
Games and feats, in LYONS to repose more:
No longer will he take his repast with the Great Ones,
Sudden catarrh, blessed water, to bathe him.

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