Nostradamus Almanac Of 1558

The young King makes a funeral wedding soon,
Holy one stirred up, feasts, of the said, Mars dormant:
Night tears they cry, they conduct the lady outside,
The arrest and peace broken on all sides.

Vain rumor within the Hierarchy,
Genoa to rebel: courses, offenses, tumults:
For the greater King will be the monarchy,
Election, conflict, covert burials.

Through discord in the absence to fail,
One suddenly will put him back on top:
Towards the North will be noises so loud,
Lesions, points to travel, above.

On the Tyrrhenian Sea, of different sail,
On the Ocean there will be diverse assaults:
Plague, poison, blood in the house of canvas,
Prefects, Legates stirred up to march high seas.

There where the faith was it will be broken,
The enemies will feed upon the enemies:
Fire rains [from the] Sky, it will burn, interrupted,
Enterprise by night. Chief will make quarrels.

War, thunder, forces fields, depopulated,
Terror and noise, assault on the frontier:
Great Great One fallen, pardon for the exiles,
Germans, Spaniards, by the sea the Barbarian banner.

The noise will be vain, the faltering ones bundled up,
The Shaven Ones captured: the all-powerful One elected:
The two Reds and four true crusaders to fail,
Rain troublesome to the powerful Monarch.

Rain, wind, forces, Barbarossa Hister, the Tyrrhenian Sea,
Vessels to pass Orkneys and beyond Gibraltar, grain and soldiers provided:
Retreats too well executed by Florence, Siena crossed,
The two will be dead, friendships joined.

Venus the beautiful will enter Florence.
The secret exiles will leave the place behind:
Many widows, they deplore the death of the Great One,
To remove from the realm, the Great Great one does not threaten.

Games, feasts, nuptials, dead Prelate of renown.
Noise, peace of truce while the enemy threatens:
Sea, land and sky noise, deed of the great Brennus,
Cries gold, silver, the enemy they ruin.

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