Nostradamus Almanac Of 1555

The soul touched from a distance by the divine spirit presages,
Trouble, famine, plague, war to hasten:
Water, droughts, land and sea stained with blood,
Peace, truce, prelates to be born, princes to die.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ocean for the defense,
The great Neptune and his trident soldiers:
Provence secure because of the hand of the great Tende,
More Mars Narbonne the heroic de Villars.

The big bronze one which regulates the time of day,
Upon the death of the Tyrant it will be dismissed:
Tears, laments and cries, waters, ice bread does not give,
V.S.C. peace, the army will pass away.

Near Geneva terror will be great,
Through the counsel, that cannot fail:
The new King has his league prepare,
The young one dies, famine, fear will cause failure.

O cruel Mars, how you should be feared,
More is the scythe with the silver conjoined:
Fleet, forces, water, wind of shadow to fear,
Sea and land in a truce. The friends has joined L.V.

For not having a guard you will be more offended,
The weak fort, Pinquiet uneasy and pacific:
They cry "famine," the people are oppressed,
The sea reddens, the Long one proud and iniquitous.

The five, six, fifteen, late and soon they remain,
The heir’s bloodline ended: the cities revolted:
The herald of peace twenty and three return,
The open-hearted five locked up, news invented.

At a distance, near the Aquarius, Saturn turns back,
That year great Mars will give a fire opposition,
Towards the North to the south the great proud female,
Florida in contemplation will hold the port.

Eight, fifteen, and five what disloyalty
The evil spy will come to be permitted:
Fire in the sky, lightning, fear, Papal terror,
The west trembles, pressing too hard the Salty wine.

Six, twelve, thirteen, twenty will speak to the Lady,
The older one by a woman will be corrupted:
Dijon, Guienne hail, lightning makes the first cut into it,
The insatiable one of blood and wine satisfied.

The sky to weep for him, made to do that!
The sea is being prepared, Hannibal to plan his ruse:
Denis [drops anchor], fleet delays, does not remain silent,
Has not known the secret, and by which you are amused!

Venus Neptune will pursue the enterprise,
Pensive one imprisoned, adversaries troubled:
Fleet in the Adriatic, cities towards the Thames,
The fourth clamor, by night, the reposing ones wounded.

The great one of the sky the cape will give,
Relief, Adriatic makes an offer to the port:
He who will be able will save himself from dangers,
By night the Great One wounded pursues.

The port protests too fraudulently and false,
The maw opened, condition of peace:
Rhone in crystal, water, snow, ice stained,
The death, death, wind, through rain the burden broken.

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