Appearance & Characteristics:
Certain gifted psychics see them on a regular basis but as for the rest of us it's a most RARE occurrence. Catching an apparition on film is what every ghost hunter aspires to but seldom, if ever sees. They show up in a transparent human form and wear the clothing of their period. You might also note that they normally appear faint and disfigured as in being incomplete. It should be said that an apparition can pose directly next to you and it still will not necessarily show up on film (99.9% of the time)

Locations spotted:
They are most often reported being seen in older homes, hotels, theaters and cemeteries.

It's unsure why they are able to show up on these rare occasions. Your opinions on this will be most helpful. Some comments will be posted. It should be noted that visiting relatives from the spirit world could also be considered an apparition.

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